All Four 'Indiana Jones' Films Are Returning to Theaters

All Four 'Indiana Jones' Films Are Returning to Theaters

Aug 16, 2012

All four Indiana Jones films are hitting Blu-ray in one convenient box set on September 18, but fans won't have to wait quite that long to experience the glory of the world's coolest archeologist back-to-back. Paramount is teaming up with AMC for a one-day marathon of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and, yes, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The event will be held in theaters around the country on September 15, and costs a reasonable $25 a pop, which also gets you a limited-edition poster and a lanyard. If you happen to be an AMC Stubs member, you can save $5 off the ticket price as well.

For a complete list of theaters participating in the Indiana Jones marathon, click right here.

If an entire marathon isn't of interest to you, however, Paramount is also putting together a nationwide, week-long run of the digitally remastered version of The Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX. That event starts on September 7 and runs to the 13th. To find an IMAX theater near you offering the Raiders experience, click right here.

And finally, for full details of the Indiana Jones Complete Adventures Blu-ray set, click right here.

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