All 22 James Bond Films to be Finally United on Blu-ray in Bond 50 Anniversary Boxset

All 22 James Bond Films to be Finally United on Blu-ray in Bond 50 Anniversary Boxset

Jan 10, 2012

Having to buy each entry in a film franchise individually is hardly a problem in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't mean it's not really, really annoying. Especially if you're a collector, and you like to have your DVD shelves where everything looks nice and uniform. If you happen to be one of those obsessive types (we're not judging if you are) and you happen to be quite fond of Britain's smoothest secret agent (we are judging if you're not), then MGM and 20th Century Fox will put an end to your OCD misery. They've just announced Bond 50, an all-in-one collection of the James Bond franchise on Blu-ray.

No, there aren't 28 Bond films you had no idea existed - until Skyfall comes out in the Fall, there are still only 22 Bond films - it just so happens that 2012 is the fifty-year anniversary of Sean Connery bringing James Bond to life on the big screen in Dr. No, hence the impetus for this Bond 50 Golden Anniversary Blu-ray Collection. The specifics of the set haven't been detailed at this time, but at the announcement event at CES in Vegas, Fox revealed that it will boast over 130 hours of special features and HD transfers for the nine films previously unavailable on Blu-ray. And while most of that will be ported over from prior individual Blu-ray releases, the distributor does promise that it will also have "some new and exclusive content." We'll just have to wait a few more months to learn what exactly that means and when exactly this behemoth comes out.

Oh, and if the idea of all those HD Bonds under one cardboard roof doesn't get you excited, maybe this trailer will:

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