Is This the Greatest Movie-Related PEZ Diespenser Ever Made?

Is This the Greatest Movie-Related PEZ Diespenser Ever Made?

Sep 20, 2013


All year long, candy company PEZ creates holiday-themed dispensers for its blocky confections. They're usually super cute and some people go nutso collecting them, but Peter “Rat D” Davidson has created the ultimate PEZ dispenser that has nothing to do with Halloween or Christmas. Meet the Alien PEZ dispenser, guaranteed to make you pee your pants before you even have the chance to pop one of those bad boys in your mouth — because nothing says sweet treat more than a terrifying extraterrestrial with a drooling, razor-sharp maw.

The details of Davidson's design are fantastic and true to artist H.R. Giger's work for the 1979 Ridley Scott film. It appears that the creation was not produced for purchase, but we'd totally buy one if they go on the market. Candy encased in a biomechanical, bloodthirsty alien just tastes better. [Spotted via Dangerous Minds]







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