Alien for Sale on eBay: Real Deal or Clever Viral Marketing for Attack the Block?

Alien for Sale on eBay: Real Deal or Clever Viral Marketing for Attack the Block?

May 06, 2011

We've seen some weird stuff go up on eBay over the years -- and we've seen studios take risks on tons of weird, clever viral marketing tactics -- so is this latest eBay ad a work of truth, fiction ... or of the Hollywood system? A fantastic sci-fi UK alien invasion film called Attack the Block premiered at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year where it was met with rave review after rave review. I was lucky enough to be in attendance for that first midnight showing, and the crowd absolutely devoured the film, which feels like a throwback to 80's creature features like Gremlins and especially Critters.

Attack the Block (which features the debut of longtime Edgar Wright collaborator, Joe Cornish) recently premiered in the UK, and is set to arrive here in the US later this year courtesy of Sony Screen Gems (no release date is set as of yet). It's a really fun, lively picture about a group of inner-city South London kids who square off against a bunch of nasty aliens that are falling from the sky and invading their apartment complex. The accents are a bit thick and hard to understand at times, but the language is so infused with the film that it almost becomes one of its most memorable characters.

So far we've seen a couple of trailers and clips from the film, but not much else. Now, today, an ad has popped up on eBay whose UK seller claims to have found an alien creature in the park, and is trying to get rid of it via the online service for over a million dollars. Folks (including myself) are sensing it's tied to Attack the Block because the first image (seen in this post) very closely resembles one of the aliens the kids stumble upon (and subsequently take with them) early in the movie.

Here's the full posting: "Weird animal found in park 2 days ago. Can supply more images to show features in more detail. Creature is genuinely not anything like any earth animals I’ve seen. No joke. It’s definitely dead now but very well preserved and cud be useful for research of big cooperations or biological tests or something. NB it’s in my garage right now but smells pretty bad (despite being kept out of the sunlight in a smoke-free, pet-free flat) so can interested bidders act fast and contact me directly for more info. Really want to shift this thing. Bring a bag for easy transport – don’t think you wanna be seen with it. No time-wasters please. Collection only. Thank you."

Check out the eBay link and let us know what you think.

Here's an image of one of the aliens from the film. Is this the same one in the eBay ad?

[via @thefilmcynic, and Live for Films]

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