Create Your Own 'Alien' Facehugger Plush Pillow

Create Your Own 'Alien' Facehugger Plush Pillow

Jul 07, 2011

Some little girls like puppies and kitties, and other girls want to snuggle with facehuggers from the Alien film and videogame franchise. One member on the crafty site Instructables recently posted a tutorial for making a plush facehugger pillow pet, which she created for her daughter who is obsessed with the Alien vs. Predator videogame. Apparently the 8 year-old likes to run around the house hissing and practically crawling the walls like a xenomorph – which pretty much makes her one of the coolest kids ever. The materials for this DIY project are fairly simple and created from a variety of fabrics – because no one likes to cozy up to a gooey parasitoid larval form – but you will need to have some sewing machine prowess. To spruce up the pillow form, Kaisei13 added an egg-shaped sleeping bag that can be tucked inside the facehugger's tail for those moments when it's gripping your head and not cuddling you to bed at night.

Check out the full set of instructions on the website.

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