'Alien' Day Shopping Guide: Posters, Vinyl, Clothes and More

'Alien' Day Shopping Guide: Posters, Vinyl, Clothes and More

Apr 26, 2016

Star Wars Day exists because of a pun, because someone decided that May 4th has enough in common with “may the Force be with you” that it can be transformed into a holiday to celebrate a beloved science fiction series. And now, we have Alien day, which exists because the planet that plays host to the Xenomorph menace in Alien and Aliens is named LV-426. 426. April 26th. So... there you go. And while that may be silly, it does mean that a few cool companies are using this opportunity to produce some fantastic posters and merchandise connected to the legendary series, much of which will be available to you right now.

Let’s start with Mondo, the Austin-based purveyor of geeky goodness who has been on top of the pop culture poster and art game for some time now. Every piece of Alien Mondo merch can be purchased online at 11:00am CST today. An allotment of them will also be available at the pop-up shop at the South Lamar Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas, which is open now and will run through next week.

First up is this screen print poster from Kilian Eng, which measures 24” x 36”, comes in an edition of 300, and will cost you $50.

Mondo is also offering a new screen print poster from Mike Saputo in two editions. The regular version, of which there are 225 available, will cost you $45 while the variant, of which there are only 125, will cost your $65.

In a break from the poster norm, artist Jay Shaw’s Alien is a “solvent print on 9mil front print backlit polyester film” and it is easily the most unique offering available during Alien day. This 18.5” x 24.5” poster comes in an edition of only 70 and will cost $60.

Mondo is also offering the soundtrack to Aliens, collecting all of James Horner’s music on “ultra clear vinyl with green ‘Xenomorph Blood’ colored liquid inside” with artwork from Kilian Eng. Yes, this record has actual liquid inside. There are only 75 of these being produced and a copy will cost you $225.

Mark Streitenfeld’s Prometheus soundtrack will also be available and in a more generous 1,000 copy run. Kilian Eng is also behind the cover at and this package will only cost you $35.

If your walls are full, Mondo is also offering a series a heavy knit sweaters designed by Middle of Beyond for $85 each. Sizes range from XS through 3XL. If sweaters aren’t your thing, there’s also a Facehugger ski mask for $30. Since summer is approaching and you won’t be able to wear those sweaters for a few months, you can pick up a new t-shirt featuring a design from Tyler Stout for $30. All of these items are available for purchase online right now.

If you’d rather just modify your existing clothing, Mondo is also offering patches and pins. That first set of replica patches will cost you $15 and the first set of pins $25. They will be available at select Alamo Drafthouse locations as well a the South Lamar pop-up store. That final pin will only cost you $10 and it’s currently available online as well as in the pop-up store.

Meanwhile, the Bottleneck Gallery in New York City is also celebrating Alien Day in style with a screening of the original film at Syndicated BK in Brooklyn. Those who make it out to the screening will have the opportunity to purchase Laurent Durieux’s gorgeous new posters. Both versions measure 24” x 36”, but the regular comes in an edition of 550 and costs $65 while the variant comes in an edition of 225 and costs $85. A limited, metal edition of the poster will also be available at the screening and will cost $250. Any prints that are not sold at the screening will go on sale online on April 27 at 12:00pm on the Bottleneck Gallery website.

If you can’t make it out to Brooklyn, Bottleneck is also offering a few other posters, which will go on sale on their website today at 12:00pm EST. First up is this beautiful screen print poster from Mark Englert. The regular version is a timed edition, so anyone who wants it can get it, and it will cost $50. The variant color edition costs $65 and comes in an addition of only 175. Both measure 12” x 36” and feature a glow in the dark layer.

Bottleneck is also offering this “6 color metallic screen print” from Chris Skinner, which measures 18” x 24”, comes in an edition of 175, and costs $45.

Bottleneck will also be selling these “Jonesy” pins for $12. Each purchase gets you two pins as well one of three random Alien pins that were designed fro the screening. All proceeds will go to the North Shore Animal League.

And if physical apparel, art and music aren't enough for you, Audible has also produced an original audio drama out of Tim Lebbon's book, Alien: Out of the Shadows. It's nearly four-and-a-half hours long and features Rutger Hauer as the voice of Ash.

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