You Must Read This 'Alien' Graphic Novel Written in 1979

You Must Read This 'Alien' Graphic Novel Written in 1979

Feb 01, 2012

As we all know, 32 years ago saw the release of Ridley Scott's ground-breaking sci-fi film Alien. What very few of us know, however, is that it also saw the release of a super underground graphic novel for the film. And that's understandable, because the reason it's super underground is because it was written by an 11-year-old that couldn't see the movie.

The kid in question is John White, an artist that, like many of us, was in love with science fiction as a kid. At age 11, White became obsessed with Alien; not after seeing Scott's film, but after reading Alan Dean Foster's novelization. He then set out to make his own comic book based on what he read. The result is all kinds of incredible.

As if this level of fandom weren't already lovely enough on its own, what makes it all the more special is that White hadn't actually seen any images from the film. He drew everything based on Foster's description combined with a vague memory of seeing the cover of a book containing a glimpse of H.R. Giger's style. From there, magic was made.

Oh, and if you like Alien Age 11, you should check out its prequel, Star Wars Age 9. Thanks to John Gholson and Keith Calder for the find.

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