Watch: An Hour-Long Conversation with Alfonso Cuaron, Plus: See Some Amazing Unused 'Gravity' Posters

Watch: An Hour-Long Conversation with Alfonso Cuaron, Plus: See Some Amazing Unused 'Gravity' Posters

Mar 21, 2014

Gravity prototype posters 2

We hope you’re ready for some more Gravity goodies, because we've got two cool new things to share with you today.

First up, here’s an extensive interview with director Alfonso Cuaron from BAFTA Los Angeles that was recorded back in January of this year. The nearly hour-long chat covers a huge range of topics, including his childhood, film-school experience, his work ethic being inspired by the need for money on occasions, and all sorts of other good stuff. Cuaron seems like a genuinely cool guy – someone you could sit down with and have an interesting conversation over drinks. After his brilliant work in Children of Men, it’s nice to see him finally getting recognition from the masses. Check out the clip, courtesy of Filmmaker IQ.


After you’re done there, you’ll want to have a peek at some of these cool posters that were designed for the film, but not used. While much has been written about Gravity’s performances, direction, story and other elements, one thing that tends to get lost in the shuffle is the movie's awesome poster art.


Framestore, which helped develop some of the groundbreaking visual effects in the film, also designed the various one-sheets for Gravity's release. In a world where movie posters all tend to look like they were designed from the same Photoshop template, these designs really stand out for their distinctive style, and the way the images evoke the emotions of the film without saying a word. Seriously, you get that feeling of hopelessness and terror without a single catchy tagline. That’s good design.

The Framestore team reports that these are just a handful of the various ideas they came up with, so let’s hope they reveal even more in the not-too-distant future.

Swing by the company’s official blog for more images and details about its work on Cuaron’s breathtaking film. 

Gravity prototype posters 3

Gravity prototype posters 4


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