Alex Pettyfer to Play Young Channing Tatum in Male Stripper Movie

Alex Pettyfer to Play Young Channing Tatum in Male Stripper Movie

May 13, 2011

When you look around the Hollywood playing field, one thing you don't see much of are male stripper movies. There's plenty of female stripper movies (Striptease and Showgirls being two of the most well-known for being absolutely horrible, and yet so much fun to watch), and tons of actresses have played strippers in a variety of different films. But when it comes to male strippers ... you usually don't get much. Why? Maybe it's because female sex sells more tickets at the box office, or maybe the world of male stripping just isn't as interesting (how many male strippers are single fathers struggling to pay rent and school bills?).

Steven Soderbergh is looking to change the way we view the male stripping industry (perhaps) with a new film called Magic Mike, starring Alex Pettyfer as a young Channing Tatum. Yup, Channing Tatum, the actor ... who, mind you, is also in the film, playing someone else. Confused? Good. Let us explain ...

See, before Tatum became known as the hunky guy who takes on hunky roles in films like G.I. Joe and Dear John, he was a young kid struggling to pay bills and partying his ass off as a male stripper. Steven Soderbergh (who was supposed to retire, but has apparently delayed that retirement ... in order to delve into the magical world of male strippers) has decided to make a film about Tatum's stripper days, with Pettyfer playing Tatum and Tatum playing a stripper mentor (I guess strippers have mentors?) to Pettyfer. Get it now?

Both Tatum and Pettyfer leave a little left to be desired when it comes to their acting skills, but Soderbergh always manages to get the very best out of his casts. Right now the film is being described as a sort of Saturday Night Fever about two guys stripping, partying, dancing and hustling during one wild summer. Deadline also calls the film "sexy, funny and shocking," and knowing Soderbergh (and the way he likes to really delve into character), we'll be seeing a lot more of these boys than we may actually want to see ... if you know what I mean.

Does this sound like a movie you'd be interested in seeing? And can Soderbergh finally turn Alex Pettyfer into the star Hollywood desperately wants him to be?

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