Watch This Insane Trailer for the Indian Action Film 'Alex Pandian'

Watch This Insane Trailer for the Indian Action Film 'Alex Pandian'

Oct 15, 2012

Tamil action cinema often feels like watching a movie crafted from unicorn tears and experimental drugs. The films are insanely over the top, filled with crazy special effects and ridiculous (read: incredible) montages that have combined natural disasters and dance routines (together!) in the past. Twitch recently featured a new trailer for a new South Indian delight called Alex Pandian. Is it possible to look like a total badass while wearing a traditional dhoti? The posters for the film, featuring star Karthi, answer that question with a resounding yes. The guns help.

Actress Anushka Shetty coleads the story, which is apparently based on a role made famous by Indian star Rajinikanth in the movie Moondru Mugam. In that film, the character Alex Pandian is a police officer that gets caught up with the mob after making an arrest and is killed by the criminal boss. While dying, Pandian swears he will be born again and hunt down the murdering crooks.

If you don't care about spoiling the story, visit the film's Wikipedia page for further plot details (which are pretty crazy), or just enjoy the whacked-out action sequences in the clip, below. The film opens December 14.

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