New Yorkers Rejoice! The Alamo Drafthouse Is Now Open in Brooklyn

New Yorkers Rejoice! The Alamo Drafthouse Is Now Open in Brooklyn

Oct 28, 2016

The Alamo Drafthouse is not your average movie theater.

It takes all of about two minutes to see why movie geeks from around the country are so infatuated with the Alamo Drafthouse chain of cinemas, as the entrance to their newest theater in Brooklyn -- the first to arrive in New York City -- is dressed with a carpet honoring the iconic pattern from The Shining, as well as a cool NYC photo opp that nods to the seminal classic King Kong

All of it leads towards a beautifully deranged bar called the House of Wax (pictured below), due it to it being stuffed with all sorts of wax heads and various other oddities (and body parts). Moviegoers are invited to hang in the House of Wax before or after the film, free to carry their drinks throughout the theater. 

Or you can head up the escalator to one of several brand spankin' new theaters outfitted with leather seats, tables and an eclectic menu full of food and, most notably, an extensive array of milkshakes, both with alcohol and without.

And we haven't even gotten to the '90s dance party yet.



(Yes, one theater was designated a '90s dance party during Drafthouse's opening celebration.)

One brief stroll through Brooklyn's newest moviegoing experience and any returning Drafthouse customer will immediately feel right at home. The walls are covered with classic movie posters, and the theaters are all rolling Drafthouse's signature pre-show full of random clips and music curated specifically for the movie screening within.

Films playing at Brooklyn's Drafthouse in the coming days include a range of current releases and older fare; everything from Moonlight and The Handmaiden to Monster Squad and Road House. All of their upcoming screenings and events can be found on Drafthouse's official site here.

Friends have always asked me what makes the Alamo Drafthouse special. Why is it a moviegoing destination that's not to be missed? And, quite simply, the answer is found in one word: love. They are a brand that loves movies, new and old, and they love the moviegoing experience. They cherish it, honor it, and respect it in ways that are so crucial when it comes to the future of movie theaters, and the prolonging of a pastime too many of us take for granted. 

The folks at the Drafthouse just get it. And if you're anywhere near Brooklyn, New York, we recommend you get there as soon as you can.

Here's a selection of films screening at the Brooklyn Drafthouse in the coming days. Click on the image for more.



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