The Alamo Drafthouse's Latest Movie Stunt Will Send You to Area 51

The Alamo Drafthouse's Latest Movie Stunt Will Send You to Area 51

Apr 28, 2015

The Alamo Drafthouse is known for being a bit weird when it comes to movies. For starters, they do silly things like not show ads in front of movies. They also have this strange thing where they care about the quality of projection and have a no talking policy that's actually enforced.

Oh, did we say weird? We meant awesome.

But while the Drafthouse does take the sacred act of going to a movie theater seriously, they're also not afraid to have some fun with it. Take, for example, they're latest contest to promote the movies Area 51 and Drunk Wedding. Both are playing exclusively at Drafthouse theaters in May, but since just seeing a movie isn't a unique enough experience, the Drafthouse wants to send a lucky couple to Las Vegas to get married, followed by a quick honeymoon at the real Area 51.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here's all the official press release lingo about the contest:

To participate, entrants just need to create an Instagram video telling us why they should win, using hashtag #Area51DrunkWedding and tagging @Drafthouse. Videos must be posted by May 18, 2015, at 11:59 PM CST.

Winners will be chosen by a panel of Alamo judges. Entries will be judged equally for both creativity and entertainment value.  (Videos must not contain sex, nudity or violence)

All participants must be 21 years or older to win (including the guest/bride- or groom-to-be). Participants must be willing to get married. 

So if you and your significant other have a good sense of humor, are willing to get married quickly, and want someone to drive you over to the big, shady stretch of Nevada the government doesn't like talking about, then you have (almost) hit the jackpot. Good luck!





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