Al Pacino to Hit Broadway with 'Glengarry Glen Ross'?

Al Pacino to Hit Broadway with 'Glengarry Glen Ross'?

Jun 13, 2012

David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross started life as a Pulitzer Prize and Tony-winning play and was adapted for the big screen by playwright and director David Mamet. The story followed a team of salesmen in the cutthroat real estate world, greed and survival motivating them after a corporate "cleaner" arrives at the office to push for success. Screen greats Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey, and Jonathan Pryce starred alongside Al Pacino — and it looks like the Godfather actor will possibly be returning to the story for a Broadway revival of Mamet's tale. 
The New York Times reports that Pacino is in line for the part of salesman Shelly "The Machine" Levene — the role originally played by Jack Lemmon in the film. He was a shining star on the sales team, but times got tough for the down-on-his-luck character. Daniel Sullivan will be directing the actor if negotiations pan out. They also worked together on the 2010 show The Merchant of Venice. The drama is a perfect fit for the actor who is already familiar with the story's nuances and is comfortable on stage. We'd much rather see Pacino performing theater in his later years than starring in the horrid comedies his pal Robert De Niro has chosen to occupy his time with. Will you be buying tickets for the intelligent Mamet production?
Here's a scene from the film featuring Pacino. He'll have to tone it down a whole lot to play Shelly on Broadway. 
Note: This scene is NSFW  and features foul language

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