Al Pacino Returns to the Mafia for John Gotti Movie

Al Pacino Returns to the Mafia for John Gotti Movie

May 10, 2011

Even if it's not the most prestigious ensemble cast we've ever seen (or the freshest topic), you have to be a wee bit interested in this upcoming John Gotti movie -- especially now that they've roped Al Pacino into co-starring. Variety tells us that Michael Corleone himself will return to the mob world to play Gotti associate Neil Dellacroce in Gotti: Three Generations, which may have started out as a glorified publicity stunt for John Gotti Jr. (in his efforts to evade law enforcement by leaving the mob), but now it's actually turning into a film that may be worth a trip to the theater.

Barry Levinson will direct, as well as re-write the script (with James Toback), and the cast so far includes John Travolta and Kelly Preston (real-life husband and wife playing John Gotti and his wife Victoria), Joe Pesci (Gotti deputy Angelo Ruggiero) and Lindsay Lohan (Kim Gotti, John Gotti Jr.'s wife). C'mon, even if the film is a train wreck, at least it'll be fun to watch (and potentially make fun of) -- so you gotta give it that.

As to what kind of story this will tell ... that's still up in the air. With heavy involvement from John Gotti Jr. and his family, we expect to see a side of this family we've never seen before in all the glamorous TV movies and mob documentaries (think along the lines of dinner-table arguments, a la The Sopranos). But because there's family involvement, will some stuff be toned down or ignored, especially when it comes to John Gotti Jr.'s own criminal activity? Well, we know the feds will be watching this one closely, so at least the film is guaranteed that audience. Whether or not they attract more will depend on trailers, marketing and how believable John Travolta is as mafia legend John Gotti.

Will you be watching?

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