See the Air Force Reveal Its Master Plan for Stopping a 'Godzilla' Attack

See the Air Force Reveal Its Master Plan for Stopping a 'Godzilla' Attack

May 09, 2014

Godzilla teaser posterIt was a regular topic of discussion around the lunch table in my elementary school days: How would the military really handle an attack from Godzilla? Now, Air & Space magazine has tackled the age-old question by going right to the source: the U.S. military.

Godzilla concerns are at unprecedented high with Gareth Edwards’ reboot of the popular kaiju franchise right around the corner – and that has many of us questioning if our military is really prepared to fight a giant lizard that emerges from the ocean. Well, rest easy folks because the Air Force soldiers stationed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa--aka the likely ground zero in a Godzilla attack--have lots of good answers in this video.

SRA Mark Hermann has all the logical bases covered – talking about multipurpose ammunition, and launching into an alphabet soup of acronyms to describe the vehicles that would be deployed to defend the Pacific region against a rampaging atomic monster.

MSGT Jason Edwards, on the other hand, takes a less practical – but more entertaining – approach.

When asked about his plan for attacking a monster taller than the tallest skyscrapers, Edwards reveals that a full-on aerial assault would lack the vital element of surprise. His plan calls for the use of Segways – and some secret weapons in the form of the Incredible Hulk (but not the Lou Ferrigno version) and Chuck Norris. Sounds like solid war planning to us.

Check out the video below and rest easy knowing the Air Force’s best and brightest have a plan for every possible threat that might come our way – from Russian aggression in the Ukraine, to attacks from giant monsters spawned by radioactivity. God bless America!

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