Marvel Madness: How Agent Coulson Survived Death, Plus: The Warrior Goddess You Didn't See in 'Thor 2'

Marvel Madness: How Agent Coulson Survived Death, Plus: The Warrior Goddess You Didn't See in 'Thor 2'

Jan 08, 2014

Avengers Agent Coulson

Who’s ready for some Marvel mayhem? Hopefully you are, because you clicked on this post heading and that’s what we've got to share today.

Before we get started on this first story, which talks about Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson and events in The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we want to warn you that we’re going to be entering SPOILER TERRITORY – so if you don’t want plot details revealed, you should turn back now.

Still with us? Okay.

This first story solves one of the bigger Marvel mysteries in the wake of The Avengers – how Agent Coulson is still alive. One of Joss Whedon’s film’s most powerful dramatic moments finds the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent dying at the hands of Loki, but it turns out that he didn’t really die at all – as we learned last night on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Instead, Coulson was kept alive by…super science!

Check out this quote explaining the details of how this was all accomplished.

While the team fights off the soldiers, Coulson finally sees through his Tahiti memory to find Dr. Streiten (Ron Glass) disgusted with Nick Fury’s order to keep Coulson alive, and strange chemicals being injected while a spider-like machine operates on his exposed brain. Coulson begs for death both in and out of the memory, while Skye finally knocks Raina out, and May pulls the plug, reviving Coulson.

That night, Coulson waits for Dr. Streiten in his car, forcing Streiten to admit that he had in fact been dead for days, while Director Fury did everything in his power to have questionable scientific procedures keep him alive, implanting him with false memories so he’d retain the will to live, and forget the agony of being kept alive so unnaturally for so long.”

Yeah science! Wait, wrong show…

Anyway, we doubt this is the last we’ll hear of the story about how Coulson was brought back from the dead, but at least we now know the basics behind his Lazarus-like return to the land of the living. [via Screen Crush]

Next up, we get a peek at some of the concept art that wasn’t used in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. If you like your ladies Norse and badass, you’ll want to check these images out.

As Blastr points out, the only female warrior we saw with any regularity in the Thor sequel was Lady Sif – but Marvel clearly had plans to include another character in the mix and it scrapped them for some undisclosed reason. Who was this mystery character who never made it into the film? Valkyrie.

Artist Josh Nizzi has revealed three pieces of concept art for the warrior woman – one featuring her astride a winged mount, followed by two more traditional action poses. The pieces raise a number of intriguing questions – the most notable being why wasn’t the character actually in the film?

We don’t know the answer to that question, but we’d guess she probably just didn’t fit in since they were giving Lady Sif more to do in the sequel. That doesn’t mean we won’t see Valkyrie in the third Thor movie, though – or that she couldn’t turn up somewhere else in the next phase of Marvel movies.

What do you think of these pieces? Which one would have been best for the movie? Offer up your opinion below. 


Valkyrie Concept art 1

Valkyrie concept art 2

Valkyrie concept art 3

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