Afternoon Filler: Watch the Short Animated Film That Has Millions of People in Tears

Afternoon Filler: Watch the Short Animated Film That Has Millions of People in Tears

Mar 22, 2012

Japanese comedian Tekken created a short, but memorable, three-minute animation that recently aired on Japanese television. YouTube shows more than 1.5 million views so far, and despite some of the uncomfortable events that transpire within the story, it's clear people are finding Tekken's Pendulum quite moving. Basically, the animation takes you through one couple's timeline — from their younger days to the moment one of them shuffles off this mortal coil. The man is a volatile rageaholic with a host of problems, but tries to redeem himself in the end. Despite your stance on the relationship, the short is deeply emotional for an animation that doesn't really knock your socks off in terms of style, but impresses with its honesty and simplicity. Grab your tissues, and see what we're talking about below.


Adam Sacks felt inspired by The Hunger Games — or should we say the shameless commercialism behind this Friday's post-apocalyptic teenage fantasy — and created his own TV spot with the help of Coca-Cola. Writer Melinda Taub stars in the short as a Katniss-type figure skulking about through the woods. When challenged by a random opponent who happens to be lurking amongst the trees, things get a little gory. (The jingle at the end is a nice touch.) Watch below. [via TDW]

BuzzFeed shared this sexy space video that features stunning time-lapse clips depicting stars from low earth orbit, as viewed from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Don Pettit shot most of the footage — because space guys are badass like that — and Alex Rivest put the whole thing together. We particularly found the seductive music amusing (in a good way). Little does NASA's outreach program know, we are easily turned on by the solar system. The soothing sounds of space are definitely a far cry from the madness that appears in the recent Prometheus trailer, but Rivest's video is doing a fine job of getting us in a galactic frame of mind for the summer blockbuster release (June 8!). [via Buzzfeed]

The Stars as Viewed from the International Space Station. from AJRCLIPS on Vimeo.

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