Afternoon Filler: Three-Point Landings, LaserSaber, and the 'Piranhaconda' Trailer

Afternoon Filler: Three-Point Landings, LaserSaber, and the 'Piranhaconda' Trailer

May 07, 2012

The latest supercut to make its way around the intertubes is a montage of the Three-Point Landing. Don't know what the Three-Point Landing is? That's weird, because it's everywhere. Big kudos to editor Duncan Robson for his selection of final shot here, which may as well be the Three-Point Landing to end all Three-Point Landings.

You know a YouTube video is going to be worthwhile when it comes from an account called WickedLaserVids. In this case it's an ad for LaserSaber from Wicked Lasers, the manufacturers of the world's most powerful lasers you can legally own. Oddly enough, the voice over emphasizes that these are not toys, and could have "devastating consequences" if used improperly, but we have no idea what anyone would use these for other than light saber fighting. Also, where does one buy laser shades?

Are you ready for Piranhaconda, from the director of Dinocroc vs. Supergator and The Hills Have Thighs? I'm not, and I pretty much live for these kinds of movies.

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