Afternoon Filler: Scorsese and Cameron Talk 3D, Muppets Meet 'Saw' and Michael Bay Really Likes Big Macs

Afternoon Filler: Scorsese and Cameron Talk 3D, Muppets Meet 'Saw' and Michael Bay Really Likes Big Macs

Nov 17, 2011

Warning: Today's Afternoon Filler will progressively get weirder and sillier as we move along.

First up: James Cameron and Martin Scorsese talk about the 3D featured in Hugo. Cameron is like the Sears repairman for 3D at this point, following people around who use it while guiding them through the manual he wrote (a manual that probably ends like this ... "And then $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! The End"). This video, for THR, is a fun little promo for Hugo (a movie you definitely need to see in 3D) wrapped inside a larger conversation between two master filmmakers. Worth a watch, we say.

Disney has put out so many Muppet trailer parodies at this point that whenever one pops up, we just assume it was them who produced it. Not this time, though, as some fans have created their own morbid take on the Muppets by mashing it up with the Saw franchise.


What does Michael Bay do to calm down when he's furious while on set? He flies in Big Macs. Yes, seriously. Speaking on Attack of the Show, Tyrese recalled a story from the set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon that involved a PA crashing a very expensive car into a wall. Bay, on the verge of freaking out, ordered a Big Mac to the set immediately, and then proceeded to chomp on that sucker while he brainstormed the ways with which he was going to murder the poor PA who broke the car. Right now we're praying for video of this event to show up as a DVD extra at some point. The Bay stuff starts about 4 minutes in ...


And finally, Jason Schwartzman brought his trademark wackiness to Sesame Street for a spoof on Iron Chef called CAST IRON COOKS!

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