Afternoon Filler: 'Batman Live' Footage, the Movies Sing Journey, 'And Introducing...'

Afternoon Filler: 'Batman Live' Footage, the Movies Sing Journey, 'And Introducing...'

Apr 12, 2012

Spider-Man isn't the only comic book hero getting a big stage production. DC Entertainment wants in on the dancing and singing, too, and they're giving it a go with Batman Live. Below you can hear a few of the creative talents behind the show talk about what they're trying to do, but more importantly you can see glimpses of what they're actually doing. We've gotta say, we'd totally buy a ticket to this. And if you agree, check the official site for tour dates and show info. [via Screen Crush]

Next in this afternoon's filler queue is Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as sung by the Movies. All of them. We'll admit the gimmick seems like it's going to wear thin pretty quickly, but after a while it'll pull you in and we're just impressed that someone took the time to cut all this together.

And lastly we have Flavorwire's video compilation of some of Hollywood's biggest stars, both current and of years past, in their big screen debuts:

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