Afternoon Buzz: 'Die Hard 5' Gets Title and Release Date, While Controversial 'Tower Heist' VOD Experiment is Delayed

Afternoon Buzz: 'Die Hard 5' Gets Title and Release Date, While Controversial 'Tower Heist' VOD Experiment is Delayed

Oct 12, 2011

Take note: Bruce Willis and 20th Century Fox are literally proving that it's real hard to kill the Die Hard franchise. Today the studio has announced that Die Hard 5 will be called A Good Day to Die Hard when it hits theaters on February 14th, 2013 (yes, Valentine's Day). The film will track John McClane (Bruce Willis) as he travels to Russia to help get his son out of jail, however nothing is as it seems. The role of the son has not been cast yet, and they haven't decided whether to go for a PG-13 or R rating (the previous Die Hard was PG-13). Production begins this January. Skip Woods wrote the script and Max Payne director John Moore will step behind the camera for the fifth installment. Look for a shortlist of potential John McClane Jr. actors to arrive online soon (please no Shia LeBeouf).

Meanwhile, some additional release dates were announced for Taken 2 (October 5th, 2012), Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (March 27th, 2013), Of Men and Mavericks (October 26th, 2012) and I, Frankenstein (February 22, 2013). [via Slashfilm, The Playlist]

In other news this afternoon, Universal's planned experiment to make its upcoming heist comedy Tower Heist available via VOD three weeks after it hits theaters for a price tag of $60 has been delayed. The move comes after several theater chains announced plans to boycott the movie and not show it due to the studio's decision to make it available that soon after its release (despite the fact that $60 is a pretty insane price to pay for a film that will still be in theaters where you can pay a lot less to see it). No word yet on what Universal plans to do at this point -- whether they'll delay it a couple more weeks and drop the price, or just squash the deal altogether. What do you hope to see? [via @TheInSneider]

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