Add The Social Network to Your Friend List on January 11

Add The Social Network to Your Friend List on January 11

Dec 17, 2010

David Fincher's The Social Network will be looked back upon as the movie that defined an entire generation. The fascinating film that chronicles the trials, tribulations and lawsuits surrounding the early days of Facebook stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake and has just been nominated for six Golden Globes.

Sony is bringing the thinking-man's box-office hit home on January 11 on both DVD and Blu-ray with commentaries by Fincher and another with writer Aaron Sorkin and cast. In sync with the movie's future-forward story, the Blu-ray edition has more exclusive features: a feature-length documentary presented in four parts and other behind-the-scene features, including one with Nine Inch Nail front man Trent Reznor as he develops the film's score.

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