See Mythbuster Adam Savage's Ridiculously Elaborate 'Hellboy' Obsession

See Mythbuster Adam Savage's Ridiculously Elaborate 'Hellboy' Obsession

Jul 25, 2014

Mythbusters host Adam Savage is a notorious movie fan. Not only do they regularly pick apart the reality of great movie moments on the show, but Savage - a former effects designer who did work on movies like Galaxy Quest and the Star Wars prequels - also spends his downtime building replicas of some of his favorite movie props (like Deckard's gun from Blade Runner). 

Savage is also a regular Comic-Con attendee, and for this year's event he has seemingly outdone himself with an absurdly detailed replica of the Mecha-Glove from Hellboy.

First, you're probably saying, "I don't even know what the Mecha-Glove from Hellboy is," and that's a totally fair point because the device isn't as iconic as, say, the red demon baby it summons. It's the full-arm glove that Rasputin uses to open a gateway to ancient horrors and, for whatever reason, Savage is obsessed with making one of his own.

He'll be unveiling the 100% final re-creation at Comic-Con tonight, but you can see how much time and energy went into crafting it by watching the below 15-minute video. Now before you think, "Why would anyone even bother doing this?" Just keep in mind that Savage is a professional tinkerer and problem solver, and explains that simply trying to figure out how to make this prop increased his skill set on a bunch of highly specific things, like how to do something called knurling. 

*That's the machine technique that gives metal a textured feel, like on the grip of a flashlight. See, now you've learned something just by watching Adam Savage learn something.





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