Adam Green Reveals the Deleted 'Halloween' Scene You Always Wondered About

Adam Green Reveals the Deleted 'Halloween' Scene You Always Wondered About

Oct 01, 2012

Michael Myers Driving Lesson

John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of the greatest horror films ever made, an intense and visceral experience that just gets better with age. However, there’s at least one part of the film that’s a bit hard to swallow. In an early scene mass murderer Michael Myers escapes from the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium by commandeering a car and driving off into the night. That’s not so odd – until you realize Myers has been at Smith’s Grove for most of his life and never learned how to drive.

Filmmaker Adam Green has been kind enough to fix this minor flaw by shooting his very own “deleted scene” for Carpenter’s film – a sequence that shows how Michael learned to operate an automobile.

Michael’s driving test goes about as well as you’d expect – with the masked madman taking his hapless instructor on a wild ride before reacting to the news that he’s failed.

Even cooler is the fact that Kane Hodder is the man beneath Myers’ mask in this short – making Hodder the only guy to play both Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Okay, so this isn’t Hodder playing Michael in a feature film, but it’s still an interesting bit of horror film trivia.

Check out the clip below.

[via Bleeding Cool

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