Action-Thriller Adaptation 'Atlantis Rising' Saved by 'Immortals' Co-Producer

Action-Thriller Adaptation 'Atlantis Rising' Saved by 'Immortals' Co-Producer

Jan 20, 2012

Immortals co-producer Mark Canton is rescuing the adaptation of comic series Atlantis Rising from certain death. He'll be working with the story's creator Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Platinum Studios — who recently re-acquired the film rights to the property — for what the producer hopes will be his next big comic-based franchise. 

The would-be action-thriller is set in the mythical lost city of Atlantis, which is uncovered when the military investigates a series of strange deep-sea earthquakes. The intrusion escalates into total war — because you know how those extraterrestrial civilizations hate having their Utopia messed with. 
Canton recently spoke to Variety and was hopeful about his prospects: "Atlantis Rising has the franchise potential of Men in Black, which I green lit for Scott while at Sony's Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Companies. I'm looking forward to bringing it to the screen with Platinum as a dynamic, state of the art action thriller."
We all know how well Men in Black turned out for Canton, as the third installment is hitting theaters later this year. He was also behind the 300 adaptation of the Frank Miller five-issue comic series. Does this property have the potential to be the next big thing for Canton and his team, or will it be like Platinum's other sorely disappointing output? We're looking at you Dylan Dog and Cowboys & Aliens.

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