This Little Kid Is Your New Favorite Action Hero

This Little Kid Is Your New Favorite Action Hero

Aug 27, 2014

When we first met Action Movie Kid back in March, he was destroying toy stores with a lightsaber and firing grappling guns out of his living room. Of course he wasn't actually doing these things -- see, his dad, Daniel Hashimoto, is an animator and special effects wizard who's managed to turn his son's ordinary home movies into epic action scenes. If only all our home movies were as exciting and entertaining as these. Thanksgiving dinner at your grandma's house would never be the same!

Just in time to finish off the summer movie season with a little badass cherry on top, Action Movie Kid has returned in Action Movie Kid Volume II, which you can watch below. Naturally the sequel is bigger and better and more explosive than ever, as our favorite pint-sized action hero tackles everyday situations like a boss. (We especially like the Mario Kart scene because, well, who wouldn't want to play a real-life game of Mario Kart while bumbling around the Lowe's parking lot?)

Fear not action buffs -- with over one million views in just a couple days, something tells us Action Movie Kid will most certainly return.





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