Action and Creatures Galore in New 'John Carter' Trailer

Action and Creatures Galore in New 'John Carter' Trailer

Dec 01, 2011

The beloved Edgar Rice Burroughs character John Carter (of Mars) is finally nearing his big-screen debut, and Disney is ramping up the excitement with new posters and trailers. Embedded below, the new John Carter trailer certainly looks like a worthwhile way for a young movie geek to spend a Saturday afternoon, but the grown-ups among us are hoping that collaborators Andrew Stanton and Michael Chabon have something in store for the elders.

Boasting one crazy cast (Willem Defoe, Dominic West, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Haden Church, and James Purefoy are all in there), the long-awaited John Carter hits theaters next March. Until then, here's some kinetic craziness...


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