Watch: First Trailer for Real-Life Navy SEAL Movie 'Act of Valor' Makes its Debut

Watch: First Trailer for Real-Life Navy SEAL Movie 'Act of Valor' Makes its Debut

Oct 13, 2011

Act of Valor posterWhen a group of Navy SEALS entered a home in Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before movie studios trotted out their very own Navy SEALs movies. For directors Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh, this was great news – because the duo had already finished a film about the SEALs – entitled Act of Valor – and were looking for distribution. The guys at Relativity were happy to snag the distribution rights to the flick, and now we get our first peak at a trailer.

What sets Act of Valor apart from the countless other SEALs films in development is that it stars real Navy SEALs, using real tactics and equipment. It’s not a recruiting video (although we’re sure lots of young men will be looking to enlist after seeing all the amazing stuff these guys get to do), but instead a fictional tale about SEALs rescuing a CIA operative and working frantically to stop a terrorist attack.

The new clip for the film looks pretty solid. The real selling point of Act of Valor is seeing the weapons and tactics of the SEALs in action – and the trailer delivers in that regard. There’s a really cool moment where a SEAL silently emerges from the water behind an armed guard – and you think he’s going to slit his throat or something, because that’s what always happens in action films. However, that’s not how the SEALs roll. Instead, this guy is just there to catch the falling corpse of the bad guy after another SEAL takes him out with a silent headshot. This way, the body hitting the water doesn’t alert anyone else that they’re under attack.

The film looks to struggle a bit in the story moments, if only because most of the story seems to be comprised of action film 101 moments. We’re curious as to how Act of Valor will do with a theatrical release, because the promo makes it appear like a title more suited for a direct-to-DVD rollout.

Act of Valor will march into theaters on February 17th. Until then, check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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