Academy Awards Scratch Best Song Nominated Performances--Yes, Even from 'The Muppets' and 'Rio'

Academy Awards Scratch Best Song Nominated Performances--Yes, Even from 'The Muppets' and 'Rio'

Feb 07, 2012


If you planned on reliving your favorite tunes from last year's best films, the Academy has shattered your dreams. As you may have previously heard, they're omitting performances of the Best Original Song nominations, breaking a years-long tradition. Deadline reported that although Fox and Disney have formally protested the cut — both studios have songs nominated for Rio and The Muppets — their plea has been shot down. 
The Academy's "complicated" voting system only allowed for the two songs, after voters sorted through 39 tunes and scored each on a scale of 6 to 10 points. Per Academy rules, only those that received an average of 8.25 points could be nominated — and in this case, only two made the cut.
With the famously long telecast shortened, there should be more room to see what musical supervisors Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer have up their sleeve. Their role was newly created for the 84th awards ceremony, despite the Oscars rarely hosting musical performances outside of the nominated songs and the usual spoofs. An inside source at Deadline has reassured that decisions about the Best Song performance omission may not be final. "The show is not locked yet. Decisions about this and other things continue to be evaluated by the team trying to produce the most entertaining 3 hours possible." 
It seems like a huge missed opportunity to ditch The Muppets' musical extravaganza, especially given that last year's film was the first from the much-loved puppet troupe in 12 years. Geez Academy, there's really no room for two frakkin' songs?

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