Danny Boyle May Direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Aaron Sorkin's 'Steve Jobs' Movie

Danny Boyle May Direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Aaron Sorkin's 'Steve Jobs' Movie

Apr 21, 2014

Recently David Fincher dropped out of the running to direct a movie about Steve Jobs, written by his Social Network pal Aaron Sorkin, who adapted it from Walter Isaacson's popular biography on the Apple cofounder. Now The Hollywood Reporter tells us Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is in talks to direct, and he wants to reunite with his The Beach star Leonardo DiCaprio, who would take on the role of Steve Jobs.

Aaron Sorkin is one of the best known names in the screenwriting business, and for a very simple reason: he's damned good at it. The man simply does not have a bad screenplay to his name. Quite the opposite, in fact. Between A Few Good Men, The American President, Charlie Wilson's War, Malice, Moneyball and The Social Network, Sorkin has one of the best track records in the feature-film business-- and that's not even counting his terrific television series: Sports Night, The West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (he even has one more, The Newsroom, ready to air on HBO this summer).

Citing all those credentials is a long way of saying if you were worried that Walter Isaacson's very popular biography of Apple tycoon Steve Jobs was in the wrong hands, don't be. It simply could not be in better hands at this point. Since the original announcement naming Sorkin as writer back in May 2012, he's said that the movie will be broken up into three long scenes, each taking place in real time on the day of one of Apple's major product launches. According to a previous chat with The Daily Beast, the three launches will be the Mac, NeXT and the iPod. 

From the original 2012 press release announcing Sorkin's involvement:

"Published late last year, Steve Jobs was Amazon’s best-selling book of 2011. In addition, the biography ranked #1 among bestselling hardcover books by a 2:1 margin, with sales of 2,246,569 in 2011, according to Publisher’s Weekly. Commenting on the announcement, Pascal said, “Steve Jobs’ story is unique: he was one of the most revolutionary and influential men not just of our time but of all time. There is no writer working in Hollywood today who is more capable of capturing such an extraordinary life for the screen than Aaron Sorkin; in his hands, we’re confident that the film will be everything that Jobs himself was: captivating, entertaining, and polarizing."  

Here's more from Sorkin on how he's approaching the project, which will likely begin production later this year and probably arrive in theaters in the fall of 2015.

What do you think about the news? Is Leonardo DiCaprio a good choice for Steve Jobs? 


Note: Additional reporting by Erik Davis

Note: An earlier version of this story originally ran back in February. 

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