Latest 'Godzilla' Buzz Features a New 'Kick-Ass' Leading Man and Monster Rumors

Latest 'Godzilla' Buzz Features a New 'Kick-Ass' Leading Man and Monster Rumors

Jan 10, 2013

Aaron JohnsonGareth Edward’s updating of popular Japanese monster franchise Godzilla has been sort of languishing in development for months now, but there are promising signs of life surrounding the project this week. A few days ago we learned that Frank Darabont was working on a final polish of the script, and today we’ve learned two potential details about the direction the feature is heading.

First up, Deadline is reporting that Legendary Pictures has its eye on a leading man for Edwards’ take on the radioactive lizard’s story. If the studio gets its wish, Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson will play the film’s protagonist. Johnson appears to be interested in the part, but is holding off on making a decision until he’s had a chance to read Darabont’s cleaned-up draft. We suspect that script will be pretty good – Darabont has previous monster-movie experience after adapting Stephen King’s novella The Mist.

Should Johnson take the part, who would he be playing? That’s been the million-dollar question for ages as details concerning the film's plot have been hard to come by. However, we’ve got some new rumors to share on that front – and they’re pretty exciting.

According to a CHUD source, a marketing meeting has revealed that the film will focus on events as seen through the eyes of a soldier. The source insists the script will follow a single soldier experiencing the monster invasion firsthand and that it will be very different from the original Toho Godzilla film.

Even more interesting is a second tidbit, which alleges that Godzilla will not be the only giant monster running amok. CHUD’s source claims the film will feature three monsters in all – Godzilla and two others yet to be revealed (please be King Ghidora… please be King Ghidora...). This is an interesting turn of events, as it appears Edwards’ film might be looking to mimic Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim – which will feature multiple giant monsters taking on humans in huge mechanized robot suits.

The plus of this multiple-monster approach for Godzilla is that it allows the film a potential opportunity to make the Green Giant a hero. He could take on other monsters instead of just stomping Tokyo into oblivion.

For now, these all have to be filed under the rumor category, but these are intriguing new developments for a movie we’ve been eagerly anticipating for ages. What do you think of this new direction? Which classic monsters would you want to see square off with Godzilla? Share your picks with us below.

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