Watch: 'Family Matters,' 'Sliders' and More '90s TV Shows Becoming Kickstarter Movies

Watch: 'Family Matters,' 'Sliders' and More '90s TV Shows Becoming Kickstarter Movies

Apr 05, 2013

It was the first thing on everyone's mind after the Veronica Mars movie made over $3 million in approximately 22 seconds: what's next? If there's anything Hollywood likes it's a trend. And getting fans to pay more for their movies. Combine the two and we're on the rain-slick precipice of falling into a world where every cancelled TV show gets a second shot on the silver screen.

Thankfully Funny or Die has given us a glimpse into what that world might look like. And you know what? It's kind of glorious. Why not let Reginald VelJohnson pitch Taken 3: Family Matters? Who can deny Jerry O'Connell the joy of bringing to life all of the wacky Sliders universes he dreams about every night? Do any of us really want to live in a world without those movies? Is that even living?

No. No it isn't. And so we're happy to share with you Kickstart or Die. [via Movie Viral]


Warning, some of these have NSFW language.

Family Matters:




Darkwing Duck:







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