The 6 Craziest Ways the Cast of 'Fury' Prepared for the WWII Tank Drama

The 6 Craziest Ways the Cast of 'Fury' Prepared for the WWII Tank Drama

Oct 15, 2014

Fury Brad Pitt

Actors and filmmakers are often willing to go to extreme lengths in the creation of art – and the cast and crew of Brad Pitt’s new World War II tank drama, Fury, are no exception. Filmmaker David Ayer was hell-bent on breaking down his ensemble cast (including Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena) in order to not only get them into character, but build camaraderie between them. Pitt says the shoot was designed to “break us down, keep us exhausted, and make us miserable.”

How so? Well, here are six of the craziest things they did to get ready to make movie magic.

1.  They crapped in the tank.

That’s right, to get into character, Pitt and his team were forced to live like real soldiers behind enemy lines – meaning they did everything (and we mean everything...) in the cramped confines of their Sherman tank. I’m sure it smelled wonderful.

2. Shia LaBeouf stopped showering and yanked a tooth.

Speaking of smelling, the Transformers star stopped showering during filming – and had one of his teeth yanked out just to make his character seem more real.

3. The cast had daily fist fights.

Ayer demanded that cast have fist fights with each other every day. LaBeouf said this was a great idea, because fighting is intimate and bonded the cast.

4. The actors went through boot camp training with Navy SEALs.

If you’ve never seen how the SEALs train, it’s a grueling regimen that most other soldiers and athletes couldn’t endure, designed to push people well past their physical limits.

5.  Sleep was a luxury.

To keep the actors looking haggard and exhausted (and help them stay deep inside their characters’ situations), Pitt reveals that sleep wasn’t easy to come by. “We’re up at five in the morning, we’re doing night watches on the hour.”

6. The actors all slept in tents.

Logan Lerman reveals that when the actors weren’t sleeping in the tank, they were confined to tents instead. “We all lived in a tent. There’s parts of it I probably can’t even speak about.” That last part sounds intriguing…

Will all of this work help make Fury a classic war film? We’ll find out when the film rolls into theaters this Friday. 




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