'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer: Get Your First Peek into the Secret World of Christian Grey

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer: Get Your First Peek into the Secret World of Christian Grey

Jul 24, 2014

E.L. James’ naughty fan-fic tale turned best seller Fifty Shades of Grey set the record as the fastest selling paperback of all time when it was released in 2011. Chronicling the sadomasochistic relationship between naive college grad Anastasia Steele and young entrepreneur Christian Grey, the novel wasn’t exactly popular for its writing (most of it pretty terrible) as it was for igniting the kinky imagination of readers across the world. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were cast in the film adaptation, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood (Nowhere Boy), which is set to be released in time for Valentine’s Day — February 13, 2015. After Beyoncé debuted a teaser for the film over the weekend, featuring a new version of her hit “Crazy in Love," we finally have a trailer.

The clip sets up the meeting between Steele and Grey where the student interviews the business magnate for her college paper. Eventually things get steamy, and Anastasia learns her handsome new beau has a secret pervy side. After reading the book we can confirm that this preview of the film is heads and shoulders above James’ amateur prose — and definitely sexier. Johnson seems to capture Anastasia’s innocence without making her seem empty-headed. (James characterization of the young woman is frustratingly stupid at times.) Dornan, who is fantastic on BBC’s The Fall with Gillian Anderson, brings some of that dark allure from the series to his role as Christian. There’s a provocative tease of the couple’s bondage-filled sex life. We’re curious to see how Taylor-Wood and company will pull off some of the over-the-top scenes in the book. 

Watch the sadomasochistic beginnings of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, and let us know how you think it compares to the book so far.




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