50 Cent Poses with Half a Million Dollars ... Just Because

50 Cent Poses with Half a Million Dollars ... Just Because

Nov 04, 2010

Not necessarily known for being one of the more discreet celebrities, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson -- in an effort to come up with creative ways to conquer boredom -- randomly decided to have several pictures taken of himself posing with a half a million dollars in all one-hundred-dollar bills. The images, posted to his personal Twitter page, range from Jackson hiding behind the stack of money to spreading it all out into the shape of a heart while smiling warmly at the camera.

Awww ... nothing makes us hardworking Americans living paycheck to paycheck feel better about ourselves and our lives than scrolling through photos of a celebrity posing with half a million dollars ... just because. Especially celebrities who promote violence on their Twitter page by using a skin that features several guns with silencers surrounded by phrases like "Quiet, Please," "Don't Say a Word" and "Shut Up," which, funnily enough, happen to be the exact phrases that pop into our minds whenever we see or hear 50 Cent.

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