50 Cent Launches Comedy Website

50 Cent Launches Comedy Website

Apr 28, 2011

The funniest thing about 50 Cent's upcoming comedy website launch will probably be the news that 50 Cent is actually going to launch a comedy website. Yes, when he's not making millions on rap albums and losing an absurd amount of weight to star in really crappy movies, 50 Cent continues to look for more ways to not entertain us.

His latest endeavor, surprisingly, does not have him playing either a cop, an athlete or a drug dealer in a film starring opposite Robert De Niro. Oh no, instead he'll be launching a comedy website to go with his technology companies and G-Unit clothing line (neither of which are a joke, mind you). ThisIs50Comedy.com goes live today, and if you go to it you'll see something that's a cross between WWE and The Terminator, all of it set to random hip-hop tracks and half-told stand-up jokes.

Apparently the official launch will coincide with the debut of 50 Cent's live comedy show, which will be streamed online and cost $2.99, with proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan.

Considering the fact that I've never ever seen an image of 50 Cent actually smiling, you'll understand why I find this news to be rather hilarious. So far so good, then, right?

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