Watch All the Great Movie Trailer Voiceover Artists Together in One Limo

Watch All the Great Movie Trailer Voiceover Artists Together in One Limo

Oct 02, 2012

Don LaFontaine 5 guys in a limoOn the Internet, everything old is eventually new again. People stumble across bits of Web history and share them with folks who maybe missed them on the first go-round (or liked them so much that it’s nice just to see them again). It’s sort of like recycling, only more entertaining. Take, for instance, today’s video clip.

Titled 5 Guys in a Limo, this vid first made the rounds back in 2008. Featuring five of Hollywood’s trailer voiceover kingpins (including the greatly missed Don LaFontaine) spouting off nearly every hoary movie trailer cliché you can think of, the video has a certain cheesy charm. If you ever wondered if guys like Al Chalk, John Leader, Nick Tate, Mark Elliot and LaFontaine took themselves as seriously as they seem to when narrating movie clips, this piece should provide you with an answer.

So, with that in mind, sit back and buckle up for this white-knuckle thrill ride that’s also a heartwarming affirmation of the can-do American spirit. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be a changed human being by the time the credits roll. 

[via Reddit]

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