Is 3D the Future of Motion Sickness?

Is 3D the Future of Motion Sickness?

Feb 25, 2010

If you haven’t yet discovered the first big geeky trend of 2010, then you obviously aren’t part of that $600 million that Avatar made at the domestic box office. What was once a gimmick used to help crappy movies sell more tickets, 3D has officially become the new hip way for studios to get you to pay more money to see their crappy movies. And no, I’m not repeating that, so pay close attention.

Here’s a question to ponder: What if Hollywood’s latest answer to entertaining you for longer than 10 minutes truly is as bad for you as that large soda, popcorn/nachos combo pack and the 2-for-1 candy special? Some scientists feel that your brain should focus on the story and not try to work too hard for the image, as this could cause the same feeling in your stomach that you get after multiple rides on the triple-upside-down-sideways rollercoaster at Great Adventure.

One UC Berkeley optometrist said that over-exposure to 3D could cause a small number of people to suffer from vision fatigue, which, to me, reads like one out of the 200 people who watch Avatar four times in a row in 3D will walk out of the theater squinting a lot.

Michael Rosenberg, an ophthalmology professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, says that watching 3D presents a new sensory experience, which “translates into greater mental effort, making it easier to get a headache.”

And here I thought only Michael Bay movies gave people headaches?

Look, the only bad thing about 3D is that it forces you to cough up more money to see a movie. While it may be worth it for something like Avatar, which was specifically tailored to 3D, studios are now rushing to convert films to 3D after they’re filmed, a process that is less expensive than shooting in 3D, but one that does not deliver the best product. Funny that Hollywood is so against the illegal bootlegging of their films, and yet they’ll still turn around and sell us what is essentially a 3D bootleg wrapped up in a poster that claims it’s the real thing.

3D may not be the future of motion sickness, but it most definitely is the future of ripping you off.

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