'X-Men: First Class' Star Latest Actor Rumored to Lead the 'Crow' Reboot

'X-Men: First Class' Star Latest Actor Rumored to Lead the 'Crow' Reboot

Feb 25, 2013

James McAvoyRelativity’s planned reboot of The Crow sure has had a hard time finding a leading man to play tortured avenger Eric Draven. Bradley Cooper was originally linked to the project, but then bailed. Mark Wahlberg was in talks, but they fell through. Rumors circulated that Channing Tatum was on the wish list, but nothing came of it. After all that, one might conclude that this project is jinxed and better off left for dead, but like its main character, it just keeps coming back.

Bloody Disgusting has the latest inside skinny on who might don the gothy gear of Eric Draven, and the name may surprise you: James McAvoy. That’s right, Professor X from X-Men: First Class might give up his psychic powers to play a musician who’s brought back from the dead to avenge the death of his fiance.

Of all the options to date, we like this one the best. Wahlberg as Eric Draven had disaster written all over it. We like Bradley Cooper and he’s a fine actor, but he just wasn’t a good fit for this part. Channing Tatum? We don’t even know what to say about that – and we’re glad it was never going to happen anyway.

McAvoy is talented enough to play the part, and he’s not such a huge star that he’d become distracting in the role made famous by the late Brandon Lee, but we still can’t really picture this in our head. Relativity should have found another young up-and-coming actor of Lee’s caliber to tackle the role -- or even aimed for McAvoy's First Class c-star Michael Fassbender -- but since that doesn’t seem likely to happen, it looks like they might have to make this work.

Nothing’s official yet, and given the ups and down of this production, McAvoy may not even end up the role anyway, but BD’s source has been dialed in to things involving this project so far, so we’d assume there’s at least some truth to this rumor.

What do you think? Can you see James McAvoy as Eric Draven? If not, who would you cast?

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