'World War Z's New Ending Was Actually Written by 'Cabin in the Woods' Director Drew Goddard

'World War Z's New Ending Was Actually Written by 'Cabin in the Woods' Director Drew Goddard

Jul 11, 2012

June saw the disheartening news that not only was the highly anticipated (at one point, at least) film adaptation of Max Brooks' tremendous zombie novel World War Z going back in front of cameras for nearly two months of reshoots, but it was also going to get a script rewrite from Damon Lindelof. And if you weren't impressed by Lindelof's work on Prometheus, that was just stacking bad news on top of bad news. Perhaps today will bring a little ray of sunshine into the doom and gloom of WWZ's trip to the big screen, though.

Damon Lindelof didn't actually write the new ending being reshot; Cabin in the Woods co-writer/director Drew Goddard did.

Deadline brings the clarification. Apparently it was indeed Lindelof who was brought in to help solve whatever narrative problem caused the movie to need reshoots, but he was unable to actually flesh it out into a full script. So, he and Paramount called up Goddard, who then came in and actually wrote the new ending, presumably based off whatever idea Lindelof cooked up.

So if you're one of those people who thinks Lindelof is a good idea man but a poor writer, maybe this is the first good piece of news to come out of the WWZ camp for some time. Of course, there's still the disappointing choice of Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Machine Gun Preacher) in the director's chair, but we've got to maintain at least some shred of optimism given the quality of the source material.

Funnily enough, Goddard also wrote the adaptation of Robopocalypse Steven Spielberg is set to direct next year, which is based off a book that blatantly lifts Brooks' inspired narrative structure for WWZ, basically substituting robots for zombies. Apparently the man has a gift when it comes to telling stories through recalled history. Though Deadline still doesn't seem convinced that this new ending, whatever it is, will end up being the one used in the movie, though their reason for thinking as much seems like pure conjecture at this point.

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