'Wild' Exclusive Images: Don't Miss Reese Witherspoon in One of the Year's Best Movies

'Wild' Exclusive Images: Don't Miss Reese Witherspoon in One of the Year's Best Movies

Dec 11, 2014

Wild is a movie that sticks with you. It's gutsy and soulful, and it feels so personal -- it's a movie you just want to keep watching, and one sentimentalists won't make it through without gettin' a little cry on. Based on Cheryl Strayed's wildly popular memoir, Wild stars Reese Witherspoon (just nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe) as a woman who attempts an impossible 1,100-mile hike in order to soul-search the dysfunctional life she's lived up till that point. It not only features some of Witherspoon's best work, but also Laura Dern, who plays Bobbi, Strayed's mother. Dern floats through the movie like a love poem, and she's its foundation. Its heart. She gives Strayed's arduous journey purpose. 

The two actresses are brilliant, and they're both front and center in this set of exclusive images from the film, which is slowly beginning to expand to more theaters across the country. To find out when it's playing near you, see this list.

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Miss this one and you miss one of the year's best. A deeply intimate (and spiritual) journey unlike anything you've seen in 2014. For more on Wild, follow the film on Facebook and Twitter.





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