'Watchmen' Prequel Being Developed Under Secret Code Name, 'Panic Room'?

'Watchmen' Prequel Being Developed Under Secret Code Name, 'Panic Room'?

Oct 20, 2011

The word is still out on whether we'll see another Watchmen-related film down the line, or if Warner Bros. and DC will instead use the Watchmen brand to create a more grown-up animated series like The Clone Wars. In order to do so, however, they'll need to get to work on that long-rumored sequel or prequel, and according to sources over at Bleeding Cool, that's exactly what DC is secretly doing as we speak.

Considering it's one of the most popular graphic novels of all time, DC has been itching to launch more stories set within the Watchmen world for years now, going so far as to make some crazy offers to writer Alan Moore while fans protested any sort of continuation of the story without the assistance of creators Moore (writer), Dave Gibbons (artist) and John Higgins (colourist). But DC really wants this thing to happen apparently, and sources claim they're calling up some of their best and brightest to get to work on a series of prequel comics that are currently hidden under the code name "Panic Room" --- because, as BC suggests, that's where they'll all need to hide once word of this becomes official.

Names being tossed around as of now include current frontrunner (and Eisner award-winning) Darwyn Crooke (The Spirit, Catwoman, Batman), as well as folks like JMS, JG Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzarello. BC also predicts that both Gibbons and Higgins will be involved, though in what capacity we do not know. Chances are they'll want to go big with this if it does happen, and we wouldn't be surprised if these prequel comics are expanded to include some sort of animated series or straight-to-DVD film.

More info as it develops. Would you be interested in checking out some Watchmen prequel comics if you knew there was a lot of DC talent behind them? And what about an animated series or movie?

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