'Video World' Shows You What Happens When a Mom-and-Pop Video Store Closes Down

'Video World' Shows You What Happens When a Mom-and-Pop Video Store Closes Down

Jan 27, 2014

The rise of digital media has led to the fall of analog entertainment. Videocassettes and the shops that rented them to customers have all but vanished. Even the big boys like Blockbuster have closed their remaining doors, leaving but a few stragglers behind to press on. Filmmaker Ben Churchill wanted to offer audiences a more intimate look at the impact these closings have had on business owners and the people who still prowl the aisles of their local video stores (what's left of them, anyway).He followed the proprietor of Video World in Woodbury, Connecticut during its final days, and the result is a heartfelt documentary short that reminds us our modern conveniences aren’t necessarily the best thing for us.

Video World was in business for 23 years, and we get to meet several of the shop’s loyal customers — some who have rented movies there since the early days. One woman snarks about her husband signing up for Netflix, blaming that for the fall of the store. Another laments about the community that will surely dissipate once its doors are closed forever. “It’s not just a video store,” she tells us. Truer words have never been spoken.

If you miss the days of your local mom-and-pop video shop and have a fine appreciation for the ritual of renting movies, dig into Churchill’s 16-minute movie, below. You can also purchase or rent the film for six minutes of deleted footage and extended scenes.

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