'Twilight Saga's' Melissa Rosenberg Becomes Highest-Grossing Female Screenwriter of All Time

'Twilight Saga's' Melissa Rosenberg Becomes Highest-Grossing Female Screenwriter of All Time

Dec 22, 2011

The Twilight Saga's Melissa Rosenberg has surpassed The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland's Linda Woolverton as the highest-grossing female screenwriter of all time. The majority of Rosenberg's credits include TV series — most recently serial killer fave Dexter. Apart from the vampire franchise, she's also worked on Channing Tatum's dance flick Step Up. Breaking Dawn Part 1 has already raked in over $647 million, landing Rosenberg more than $2.56 billion. THR shared some interesting numbers, indicating that the writer is still far behind her male counterparts — including Steve Kloves' Harry Potter earnings of over $6 billion.

It seems like a strange way to measure success given that the franchise probably could have earned any screenwriter in its place a healthy paycheck. Stephenie Meyer's book series has been immensely popular, selling over 116 million copies worldwide last year alone. With its rabid fanbase and stars appealing to all ages (sorry Twilight moms you still kind of creep us out), was there really any doubt that the movies would perform well after the first film hit theaters? Also, the Twilight movies are not known for their stellar screenwriting — far from it actually — which begs more questions than answers. Tell us what you think below.

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