'Transformers 4' to Try Something New and Fans Are Still Complaining

'Transformers 4' to Try Something New and Fans Are Still Complaining

Sep 13, 2012

Let's be real for a moment: After three Transformers movies, no one is really itching for a fourth one. We've been there, seen that -- as ballsy as Michael Bay is as a director, there's not much he can surprise us with anymore when it comes to the Transformers. Which is why I'm sort of excited about this latest news from Hasbro President Brian Goldner, who recently spoke at a conference and not only revealed a temporary Transformers 4 logo (see above), but also said the new film will feature all new robots and characters. So why are fans complaining about that?

Well they're complaining because Hasbro's main motivation behind the new cast of characters is so they can sell more toys. Since the previous Transformers movie didn't really include any new characters, they didn't sell enough toys (according to Goldner) -- and since Hasbro is, in fact, a toy company, these are things they care about. Naturally fans are pulling out the George Lucas card, claiming Hasbro, a toy company, is just in it for the toys, but I think they're missing the bigger picture here. Transformers 4 will do something new. It will include a new story, new characters and perhaps present Michael Bay with new challenges and a renewed motivation. 

How is that a bad thing? Of course the toy company who created Transformers is going to care about pushing out new product, but they won't sell that product unless fans are entertained by the new characters Michael Bay and company introduce in the fourth film. So relax, dust off the Optimus Prime figure you have on your desk from Transformers: Dark of the Moon (you know he ain't going anywhere), and try to remember that when it comes to fourth, fifth and sixth installments in a movie franchise, anything new should be welcomed with open arms... and wallets, right Hasbro? (Wink, wink.)

Transformers 4 is currently due in theaters on June 27, 2014. [via Coming Soon]

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