'Toy Story' Screenwriting Team Tapped for 'Farmville' Movie

'Toy Story' Screenwriting Team Tapped for 'Farmville' Movie

Oct 10, 2011

The names Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow may not be immediately familiar, but you've no doubt seen some of their movies. The screenwriting duo has credits on Toy Story, Money Talks, Cheaper By the Dozen, Evan Almighty, Daddy Day Camp, and both Garfield flicks. Regardless of this resume, the pair keeps getting new gigs, and they've found a rather lucrative new niche: they're about to be the guy(s) adapting one of Facebook's most outrageously popular games...

IGN has new information that indicates Cohen and Sokolow may be getting ready to pen a Farmville movie. Let that sink in. (Slashfilm reminds us that there is also an Angry Birds movie on the horizon as well.) For the three people who might not know, Farmville is a Facebook game that asks you to run a farm, plant crops, raise animals, and harass the holy hell out of any "friends" you have who are also trying to run farms, plant crops, raise animals, and annoy the hell out of other people.

So the movie would be about a farmer who keeps asking total strangers for assistance? Sounds like something nice and fluffy for Jim Carrey to work on.

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