'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: Sounding Off on the Soundtrack

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: Sounding Off on the Soundtrack

Sep 29, 2011

Billboard announced on Friday that Bruno Mars would have a place on the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack, and then on Monday the entire track was revealed. The collection is filled with new faces and fan favorites, though there are still some notable omissions.

The first new track to be revealed was It Will Rain by soundtrack newcomer Bruno Mars. Debate is raining (sorry couldn’t resist the pun) as to if the song refers to the relationship between Bella and Edward or Bella and Jacob.  Each side has a very strong case, particularly with lyrics like:

There's no religion that could save me 
No matter how long my leaves are on the floor 
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makin' 
Will keep you by my side 
Will keep you from walkin' out the door. 

Cause there'll be no sunlight 
If I lose you, baby 
There'll be no clear skies 
If I lose you, baby 
Just let the clouds, I 
I will do the same if you walk away Everyday, it will rain

There’s also some question as to where it appears in the movie, though as the final track listed perhaps it’s over the credits.

What’s also interesting is that Breaking Dawn cast member, Mia Maestro, who plays Carmen of the Denali coven has a track on the CD with the very same name as the Bruno Mars song. The only difference is the title is in Spanish.  Lloverá means “It will rain”, so there is a question as to whether it’s an entirely new song, a Spanish cover of the Bruno Mars Song, or perhaps a blend of the Bruno Mars’ song and original material. Regardless, this marks the first time a song in Spanish has been used in a Twilight Saga soundtrack. Maestro is mostly known to American fans for her work on Alias, but she is also a talented vocalist who has fantastic range and an earthy quality to her voice. She has sung at festivals around the world.

What could be better for a Twilight fan than to have their song chosen for the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack? Christina Perri knows exactly what that feels like. She first rose to fame when her music was featured on the hit show So You Think You Can Dance. Now she’s gone to the next level practically overnight with her work being featured on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. Perri is a self-described TwiHard. She told MTV, “Yes, I am 1,000 percent a Twilight fan. I can’t even deny that I am actually, in fact, a Twi-Hard and have a ‘Twilight’ tattoo. I got a tattoo on my wrist that says  ‘bitten’  and it’s written in the font of all the book titles. So, yes, I am of one the big, geeky fans.”

The early-on fan favorite track seems to be the selection of Flightless Bird. One fan, G. Burnell, stated, “I am so excited about Flightless Bird-American Mouth. I fell in love with it on the Twilight soundtrack. I said then if I get married I want it to be my song.  I just loved it then. And so appropriate for their wedding. I also love the Twilight Soundtrack and am so glad that Carter Burwell is back on board.” The song is also a favorite of Kristen Stewart’s so fans are not alone in that choice. 

On the other hand, there is some controversy regarding Muse, the band that author Stephenie Meyer has referred to as “her muse." For the first time the band will not be appearing on the soundtrack, and there has been a mixed reaction from fans. Many are having a hard time with the omission.  B. Skyes stated, “I’m a little upset because there’s no Muse. Their music inspired Stephenie while she was writing all 4 books (5 if you include Midnight Sun). I hope they’ll be included on the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn, Part II.” Other fans are completely fine with Muse not being selected due to the band’s perceived lukewarm to ambivalent comments on the movie and its fans. Brittany J. summed up many fans’ feelings saying, “Muse complained about being called “the twilight band”. Completely ridiculous considering that it's gotten them recognition and made them money. As a fan I do not want an artist on a soundtrack who doesn’t appreciate me.”

The full soundtrack will be available on November 8, 2011. Which song are you most looking forward to? Which artist is your favorite and least favorite? Where do you stand on the Muse situation?

We are getting down to the wire. Just 49 days until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is in theaters!


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