'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: The Cross-Over Appeal of 'Twilight' Actors

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: The Cross-Over Appeal of 'Twilight' Actors

Sep 01, 2011

Water for ElephantsHere's something that I've been hearing a lot lately, "Twilight fans only like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Launter...insert name of whatever actor... in Twilight." Then, after that, whatever film doesn't make Twilight proportions at the box office, the blame is laid at the feet of the Twilight Saga actor in question. The point is, is that fair? Are fans really only interested in seeing Twilight Saga actors in Twilight?

Over the last year and a half both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have had multiple projects hit the big screen. Pattinson had Remember Me followed by Water For Elephants. Kristen Stewart had The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys. None of those pictures reached Twilight proportions at the box office. In fact, Water for Elephants' domestic gross was $58,709,717 on a picture that reportedly took 38 million to make. Even if you consider that it took in more in the foreign market, it's not exactly a rousing success for a film having two Academy Award winning actors, and Robert Pattinson in the cast.  Welcome to the Rileys, featuring Emmy and Academy Award winners in the cast in addition to Kristen Stewart didn't do any better taking in $158,898 domestically. However is this economic result all because Twilight fans didn't support the movie? What about the fan pull of the other actors?

Now granted, the argument can be made that it's crazy to compare low-budget indies like Welcome to the Rileys and Remember Me to Twilight. Unfortunately, that's some of what is seen around the Internet. What isn't being considered is context, and that Twilight fans aren't just vampire fans, or romance fans. Twilight Saga fans' tastes run the gamut. This is especially true since we're talking a fandom whose only common denominator is that it's mostly comprised of women. After that, all demographic matches are off. Show up at any Twilight Convention or signing event, and you'll find just as many 13-year-olds mingling with the plus 40 crowd. Where it was particularly telling, was at Comic Con this year. Twilight fans of all ages were there all four days, but on the days when the Twilight cast wasn't around, they were wearing Doctor Who, Glee, and Supernatural shirts just to name a few fandoms. 

For Twilight fans that like the action movie aspect, Taylor Lautner's Abduction releases September 23rd. Taylor Lautner may be a whole lot more clothed in this film than he is in Twilight, but the same action moves he displays as Jacob Black can be seen on a bigger scale in Abduction.

Fans of the romance movie have Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson in the cast to look forward to on October 19th. Once it comes out, fans will see Pattinson seduce a bevy of women from Christina Ricci to Uma Thurman.

Then for those fans of  epic fantasy there is Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart that is slated for spring 2012. There isn't a trailer yet, but fans were treated to a display of the iconic costumes during a Comic Con panel.

In the end it comes down to something that maybe isn't all that surprising. Twilight fans are first and foremost fans of Twilight. Sure, the actors have a large part in making the movies successful, but for many it's the story that is attracting them, followed by the actors.  You hear fans talking about what scenes they want in the picture, and then they talk about the actors in those scenes.

So which category of Twilight Saga fan do you fall into: romance, action, fantasy? What age group are you?  Is there a Twilight actor whose movie you would see in theaters no matter what, or is it down to what the movie is about first?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits screens in just 77 days, the wait is getting much shorter!

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