'The Ridiculous 6' Trailer: Adam Sandler and All His Friends Head to Netflix

'The Ridiculous 6' Trailer: Adam Sandler and All His Friends Head to Netflix

Oct 27, 2015

Netflix got to tout its own horn a little this week when its head honcho, Ted Sarandos, revealed that their first original feature film, Beasts of No Nation, had been streamed by over 3 million people in a single week. Our own Christopher Campbell broke down that number, comparing it to some other recent prestige movies and discovered that over twice as many people had watched Cary Fukunaga's movie at home, from the comfort of their couch as had seen Steve Jobs or The Walk in theaters. 

That's pretty impressive, especially when we're talking about a drama about a child soldier in an African war. Netflix can probably expect their next original release to be seen by even more people. It's the Adam Sandler-led comedy The Ridiculous 6 and the first trailer for it just hit online.

Co-starring Terry Crews, Steve Buscemi, Taylor Lautner, Will Forte, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Steve Zahn, Whitney Cummings, Chris Parnell, David Spade, Nick Nolte, Blake Shelton, Vanilla Ice, Jorge Garcia, and pretty much every person Adam Sandler has ever run in to, The Ridiculous 6 is a Western comedy about an unlikely gang of criminals who all discover they have the same father. Hilarity ensues.

Or, at least, the plan is that hilarity ensues. You'll have to watch the trailer to figure out if you think it will or not. But if all those names have at least amused you in the past, you'll probably get a chuckle or two out of The Ridiculous 6.

The Ridiculous 6 hits Netflix on December 11, 2015.


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