'The Pill' Trailer Premiere: The Most Refreshingly Honest Rom-Com You'll See This Year (Exclusive)

'The Pill' Trailer Premiere: The Most Refreshingly Honest Rom-Com You'll See This Year (Exclusive)

Nov 15, 2011

One thing that's missing in our romantic comedies these days is honesty. Instead, lame, tame cartoonish premises have turned into lame, foul-mouthed cartoonish premises -- and though many of our more recent romantic comedies have been of the R-rated, get-drunk-and-this-is-actually-pretty-hilarious variety, there's still a raw, uncomfortable honesty that's absent in so many films. That's why it was pretty awesome earlier this year when I happened upon The Pill at the Gen Art Film Festival. Here's a film that takes a somewhat uncomfortable (but damn catchy) premise and injects it with such a dose of reality that it truly challenges its audience and takes them on a great ride at the same time.

Directed by J.C. Khoury and starring Noah Bean and Rachel Boston, The Pill dishes a basic set-up: Guy and girl have one-night-stand, but when he realizes she's not on "the pill" he freaks and convinces her to take a morning-after pill. However, after learning that there are two morning-after doses 12 hours apart, he pretends to like her long enough to get her to take the other pill.

"God, what an asshole!" is exactly what you're thinking right now. And that's what's so great about this ballsy indie: It doesn't ask you to fall in love with its characters; it just throws them and their -- yes, admittedly relatable -- situation right in our faces, and asks us to watch what happens. It's the worst possible date movie and the perfect date movie all rolled into one, and I was absolutely stoked to hear it landed theatrical and VOD distribution through FilmBuff.

I don't loudly champion that many movies during any given year, so all I ask when I do champion one is that you give it a chance. The Pill will open at the Quad Cinema in New York City on December 16th, but ALL the rest of ya'll will be able to rent this sucker when it hits VOD in February from FilmBuff, right in time for you to freak out a loved one for Valentine's Day!

And with that, here's the exclusive trailer premiere of The Pill (official website) ...

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